February Carbon County Tourism Super Service Award Recipient Announced


The Carbon County Tourism Super Service Award acts as an opportunity to highlight those within the community that shine bright in regard to both community and tourist interactions.

For the month of February, Carbon County Tourism Specialist Tina Grange announced that this honor would go to Kelly Manhard, who is a door greeter at Walmart. Per his nomination, it was stated that Manhard is kind and welcoming and always has nice things to say. He knows regulars that visit and is often seen helping shoppers.

Manhard walks with a cane and the nominee said they always admired him for going above and beyond, as they imagine that some days are hard for him with his own physical limitations.

Those that visit Walmart look forward to seeing Manhard due to his friendly and welcoming personality. Manhard was congratulated by the commissioners, who stated that he is an important part of the community.

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