Ferron City Addresses May Items of Business


Photo courtesy of Ferron City.

By Julie Johansen

A second public hearing began the Ferron City Council’s virtual meeting on Wednesday evening. The hearing was to receive public comment about the Community Development Block Grant, amounting to $153,000, that  the city has been awarded. The money is to be used to build new restrooms at the fairgrounds located at 100 East and 100 South. It will be a metal, prefabricated building measuring 24 feet by 96 feet. This public hearing was required to receive the grant, but there were no public comments received.

The council next approved the purchase of DJ equipment from Ray Manning. This equipment includes wireless speakers, a mixer and music. Manning was asking $2,800 for all of the equipment and he will also assist with the use of the equipment for the first six months. The mayor felt this would be great for the Ferron Youth City Council dances and other city activities. The equipment the city has now is well worn and needed replacement.  The one stipulation for purchase approval was that only those that are trained to use it are given permission to use it.

Approval for a $100 donation to the dining directory through ETV News was approved as well as purcharsing the 2020 graduate signs in the amount of $350. Graduate signs have also been delivered to each of the students’ homes. On graduation night, balloons and lights will be added to the sign display at the Mayor’s Park to honor the graduates. Consideration was given to doing this every year.

One of the furnaces at the Ferron City Hall needs to be replaced and bids were opened from Dugmore Heating as well as Snow Heating and Air Conditioning. This decision was tabled until the next meeting so that more information could be obtained before awarding the bid to one of the companies.

At the next city council meeting on June 10, a public hearing will be held with regards to the budget for the fiscal year 2020-21. The tentative budget was given approval by the council. Anyone wishing to view the budget can contact city hall for a copy.

It was also announced that city uniforms will be contracted with Alsco for both the maintenance employees as well as the golf course staff and employees. An additional boot allowance was also approved for the two lead maintenance men. All employees have been contacted and their choice of shirts and sizes have been ordered.

The dumpsters at the fairgrounds provided by the city for the citizens’ use have been misused and consideration for fines was approved. The misuse of these dumpsters is posing big problems and expenses. They are intended only for the citizens of Ferron but have been used by other towns as well. They cost $22,000 a year and those infracting the dumping rules will be fined $100 for the first offense and then more if additional disregard is taken. Ferron City also plans to help educate the citizens by reviewing the rules in the city’s newsletter.

Also during the meeting, it was approved for Ferron City to enter into an agreement with Big Mountain Lodge to open the restaurant at the Millsite Golf Course. The Bensons are also considering renting jet skis and kayaks at the restaurant. The utilities (propane) will be the only charge by the city.

Ferron City Peach Days planning is proceeding with hopes that by September, the annual celebration can take place. Consideration of county funds to assist the celebration was given.

Next, Resolution 2020-4 to include Ferron City in the boundaries of the Emery Medical Emergency Special Service District organized by the county was approved. Resolution 2020-5, which established an additional fee for burials on weekends and holidays, was also approved.

Other items of concern during the mayor and council reports included dumping of yard debris on city property along the streets, clearing the cemetery following Memorial Day for a general cleaning, a pending change of plans for the junior stock show and the BLM’s postponement of getting work done toward a patent lease for the golf course property.

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