Ferron City Council Calls Special Meeting to Consider Golf Course Leases


Photo courtesy of Millsite Golf Course

By Julie Johansen

The Ferron City Council hosted a special meeting and work session on Monday to discuss the possible patent lease from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the property at Millsite Golf Course.

Mayor Adele Justice reported that she had again spoke to a BLM representative. They informed her they could go ahead with the patent lease, but it would require a letter written to the BLM and resolution to accompany the patent.

Following this, a couple of appraisals and payments to the BLM would result in the cost of about $28,000. The council felt that there still was no guarantee of obtaining the needed lease in order to work with Great Life for the lease of the golf course.

Councilman Brad Richman suggested considering trading BLM property with the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration. Mayor Justice said she would contact Ray Petersen, Emery County Public Lands Director, to see if this was possible. One of the concerns is that if something is not done soon, Great Life will lose interest and the chance for a lease with them will be lost. No decision was reached and discussion will continue after responses from these groups have been received.

Finally, a motion to enter into a closed session was made and the regular meeting was closed.

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