Ferron Elementary Lockdown Drill Involves Law Enforcement, Medical Personnel


Thursday morning brought law enforcement and medical personnel to Ferron Elementary as the school played host to a lockdown drill. Staff from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office as well as Emery Medical Center took part in the drill.

This training began as Ferron Elementary Principal Brian Dawes placed a 9-1-1 call reporting an unwelcome person in the school. Personnel quickly responded, placing the school on lockdown as the building was searched and classrooms were evacuated.

Prior to the drill, detectives from the sheriff’s office took time to visit each classroom at the local elementary school. There, they explained to students what to expect during the drill and the importance of following instructions throughout the entirety of the process.

“It was impressive how well-trained the staff and students are in this type of scenario,” the ECSO shared. “Thank you Ferron Elementary for allowing us to train in your school.”

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