Ferron Elementary Sings At Emery County Historical Society


The Emery County Historical Society had four individuals from around the county come to share family legends at its meeting on Thursday.

Ferron Elementary’s fifth grade students were dressed up in western attire as they opened up the night with a musical number.

The individuals who shared their family legends were JR Nelson, Dottie Grimes,  and Bernice and Russ Swasey. Many were in attendance to listen to their stories.

“You never let the truth get in the way of a good story,” remarked Frances Swasey, of the Emery County Historical Society.

Between story tellers, the spotlight was shared with another musical performance by Chad Cook and Brent Cook who were accompanied by Brent’s wife Cory.

The historical society rescheduled its trek that was supposed to take place in October for Nov. 7. Merrill Duncan will take people on the trek to see historical sites. In case of bad weather, they will reschedule for April of 2016.

Refreshments were served after the performances.

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