Ferron Hosts Annual Junior Livestock Show


Ferron hosted the annual Junior Livestock Show Wednesday through Saturday. This yearly tradition brings families from all over Utah to compete. Over 400 animals were entered this year by the 370 youth who signed up. These youth won $25,000 in prizes in total.

Russell Olsen, who has been coming to the stock show since 1987 when he was 16, explained that the stock show brings his family together “the way life should be.” With few places to stay and less distractions than in the city, families set up camp around the stock show grounds. Parents and kids spend time together in the activities provided by the stock show including a barbecue, a family fun night, an ice cream social and a dance.

The Ferron Stock Show is one of only five stock shows in Utah that are open to everyone. It is considered just as competitive and is one of the major shows in the state. The different events available are market animals, a written test, a record book competition, a judging contest, showmanship and breeding animals.

The show is put together by the Stock Show Committee. Made up of 30 people, this committee organizes the events, picks the judges and makes the fun, competitive family event possible.

Cindy Fillmore, president of the Stock Show Committee, has been involved for 15 years. She explained that while the show is fun, kids become educating, making it a good learning experience, not just a chance to make money.

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