Fifth Graders Leaving Cottonwood Elementary Take Closing Walk


By Julie Johansen

Fifth grade students leaving Cottonwood Elementary were honored on Tuesday afternoon with a march around the school block in Orangeville. The students, dressed in Cottonwood Colt t-shirts and masks, followed health department and school district guidelines, staying at least two cement squares apart as they walked around the outside of the school fence. During their walk, teachers, staff and Cottonwood Principal John Hughes cheered for them on from the inside of the fence.

The program was broadcast through the radio so that those in their cars could hear the students’ names, their likes and dislikes, and their favorite school memories. Following the walk, one parent, also wearing a mask, could accompany their student to take a picture in front of the school. To conclude, each fifth grader was presented with a gift bag, photo and Orange Crush soft drink representing Orangeville.

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