Final Preparations Underway for Pioneer Day in Wellington City


Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley gave a brief update on the Pioneer Day celebration that will be taking place in Wellington this weekend during the Wellington City Council meeting on Wednesday evening.

Bradley stated that everything is aligned for the event in the city park. This celebration will take place on Saturday evening with live entertainment at 8 p.m. At the time of the meeting, he said that close to $1,500 had been raised for the fireworks, though the local firework stands have been sold out or nearly empty for some time.

Contact was made with an individual up north that gave a good deal on legal Utah fireworks. A package is being put together and the inventory will be placed on a pallet for pick-up on Friday.

Bradley then took time to strongly urge all to practice social distancing due to COVID-19. Masks will not be required for the event, but individuals are welcome to wear them. He urged all to join and enjoy the night with their loved ones.

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