Fire Crews Respond to Price Home on Sunday


Crews from the Price City Fire Department responded to a home on 100 East on Sunday afternoon.

According to fire chief Paul Bedont, a candle warmer was being used near a wood burning stove. The warming container broke, spilling the candle wax onto a wood burning stove. A small fire was caused by the mishap.

Bedont explained that the homeowner was in close vicinity of the candle warmer when the incident occurred, which was beneficial. She was able to use a small fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

“She was able to put the fire out before we got there,” the fire chief said. “If she wasn’t around, it could have gotten a lot worse.”

Crews still responded to the scene to ensure that the fire was completely extinguished and to help ventilate the home of the smoke left over from the incident.

Bedont took a moment to stress the importance of not leaving candles, wood burning stoves, candle warmers and similar items unattended. He said that realizing an incident soon after it happens can save homes from obtaining significant damage.

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