*UPDATED* Fire Erupts in Carbonville


Smoke could be seen for miles Saturday afternoon as a fire erupted in Carbonville.

Multiple agencies responded to the blaze which was located along Union Pacific Railroad tracks and near several homes. The fire spread rapidly, creating thick smoke throughout the surrounding area.

According to a landowner, the blaze torched a structure on his property and nearly claimed the life of his dog. Fortunately, the canine was rescued in time and the fire was quickly extinguished by firefighters.

Price City Fire Chief, Paul Bedont, explained that during the past two days winds have picked up and reignited several railroad ties that were caught a blaze during the original fire. These ties have been moved to a burn location away from any flammable material, thus preventing a hazard to nearby homes and landowners.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. However, Bedont explained that possible sparks from a passing train likely ignited the blaze.

“Warmer temperatures and increased winds equal dry conditions, especially grass,” the fire chief stated. “It’s important for residents to know that it is fire season.”

Bedont recommends using extreme caution with campfires, cigarettes and other open flames. Fire season has started and is early this year.

“Let’s avoid a season like last year. Everyone needs to be smart and fire wise,” Bedont concluded.

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