Fire Ignites in Fairhaven Mobile Home Park


A fire ignited inside a mobile home at Fairhaven Mobile Home Park on Carbon Avenue around 6 p.m. on Thursday evening.

According to Price City Fire Chief Paul Bedont, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. However, Bedont believes the fire was started by a wood burning stove with coal burning in it. The owners of the home as well as other individuals happened to be home when the fire ignited. Fortunately, everyone got out safely.

Minimal damage was done to the house and is expected to be repairable. According to Bedont, the fire was extinguished very quickly thanks to the Price City Fire Department’s fast arrival.

Bedont wants to remind everyone to make sure you are burning the appropriate fuel in your stove. He also stated that it is important to clean out your chimney and to get it inspected before turning on your stove. Also, remember to check all smoke alarms to make sure they are working properly.

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