UPDATE: Fire Ignites in Wellington City Shop


Photo courtesy of Rory Bradley

Around 6:47 p.m. Sunday evening, a call came through stating there was a fire at the city shop in Wellington, which is located at 85 South 100 East.

According to Wellington City Fire Chief Matt Perea, the fire seemed to be started by something electrical. The fire marshal is still investigating the exact cause of the fire.

Crews from both Wellington City Fire and Price City Fire responded quickly to the scene and were able to extinguish the fire in approximately one hour.


“The cause of the fire has just been ruled electrical in nature,” stated Wellington City Fire Chief Matt Perea on Monday afternoon. “No major city maintenance equipment was damaged. Most of the damage was confined to the storage area above the office.”

Perea then went on to explain that a backhoe, dump truck, riding lawnmower and a side-by-side that was stored inside the building were hardly untouched. However, some steel structure, water line fittings and wood shelving were destroyed in the fire.

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