Fire Officials Hold Meeting to Update Carbon County Citizens on Seeley Mountain Fire


At the Carbon County Fairgrounds tonight, officials stated that if the fire gets any closer to one of theirВ borders, they will have no other choice than to evacuate ScofieldВ again.

But for now, the area is open and the evacuation has beenВ lifted. As well as the evacuation of Skyline Mine.

“It’s our job to make sure that we don’t lose a life,” said CarbonВ County Sheriff James Cordova. “I know there are concerns andВ frustrations, but we wouldn’t have evacuated anyone if it wasn’tВ necessary.”

Cordova also discussed the leniency that police have given citizens,В allowing them to be escorted back into Scofield for specificВ items that they have needed, and how that leniency has been taken advantage of. On numerousВ occasions, citizens told officers they needed to be escorted into theВ city. В Once the citizens reached their homes, they stated thatВ they refused to leave. Cordova wanted to make sure that the citizensВ understood that if officers needed to evacuate the area again policeВ would not be as lenient. Next time they will arrest any citizenВ who refuses to leave if it becomes necessary.

It was reported at the meeting that fire fighters are starting a dozer line, so we should all expect a lotВ more smoke in the future. A dozer line is a line pushed into the earth by a bull dozer, and then the fire fighters ignite a fire at that line in a controlled mannerВ to combat the original fire.

Because of the extra smoke from the dozer line, В David Cunningham of the Southeastern Utah District HealthВ Department stated, “If you already have respiratory problems, youВ are at a higher risk of having more problems. Kids also are at aВ higher risk of having problems, because on average they spend more timeВ outside than adults. We advise everyone to stay inside as much asВ possible over the next while and limit the amount of dust and smokeВ you are around. Also, if you do have respiratory problems, talk withВ your physicians about what you’ll need to do to keep healthy. You’llВ want to keep from lighting candles, again limit outdoor use, and also,В limit your vacuuming. When you vacuum, it puts dust in the air makingВ your house dusty, so we’re sorry but please refrain from doing anything like this.”

Other information:

Pleasant Valley Days has been cancelled.

Fireworks at the Carbon County Fairgrounds have been cancelled.


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