Fire Restrictions Lifted in Southeastern Utah


Press Release 

Effective 12 a.m., Friday, August 22, fire restrictions will be lifted for the State of Utah, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Park Service on lands within Carbon, Emery, Grand and San Juan counties.

Monsoon moisture has moderated wildfire behavior, growth and indices; green up of vegetation is occurring in many areas.

Fire managers are very pleased with the positive response by the public in adhering to this year’s fire restrictions. Human caused fires and wildfire acres burned in this part of the state were fewer than previous years.

The public is reminded that it is still fire season and vegetation will once again dry out as fall approaches. Please carry a shovel, water, a bucket or a fire extinguisher when recreating outdoors. Campfires and vehicles are two of the prominent causes of preventable fires in the area. Always drown and stir fires to ensure they are dead before leaving camp and keep vehicles in good working order.

Other areas in the State of Utah are still in fire restrictions for campfires, fireworks and using steel core/jacketed ammunition. Fire Prevention Order UT910-14-001 is permanently in effect for all BLM lands in the State of Utah and prohibits the use/discharge of any kind of fireworks, explosives, incendiary, chemical devices, pyrotechnics and exploding targets. For information on current fire restrictions in the state, please visit

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