Fire Truck Rodeo Visits Price


The Utah State Firefighter’s Association tested their skills at their convention held in Price on Friday.

Firefighters got to play with one of their biggest toys, a big pump fire truck, at the fire truck rodeo.

Contestants had to maneuver the truck through four exercises without hitting any cones. The fire truck first had to be driven down a narrow corridor then backed up the whole length. The truck was taken through a serpentine course where drivers had to maneuver around cones in both forward and reverse. The two final tests were a two-point turn in a roped box and a docking procedure.

Most tries resulted in one or two displaced cones, but there were some outstanding drivers that completed the course without hitting anything.

Each driver had five minutes at each station, and time was not a factor in the overall ranking. The final determining factor was to see how close they could get to the marker without hitting it while backing up.

The results were given later that day at a banquet.

The winners were:

First place, Matt Sacco from Salem Fire Department

Second place, Rick Adams from Price City

Third Place, David Larsen from South Salt Lake

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