Firework Safety and Tips for an Incident Free 2016 Fourth of July Holiday



The Fourth of July is a holiday that calls for celebration as it marks the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed by the Continental Congress. This holiday is most often celebrated in the sunshine with family and friends by barbecuing, boating, camping and more.

A favorite part of the holiday for kids and adults alike are the fireworks. Laws on aerial fireworks have changed in Utah in the last handful of years. Before this law, and after, fireworks have always been a dangerous past time. Some simple rules and tips, if followed correctly, can prevent accident.

Fireworks are legal to be set off from July 1 to July 7. In Utah, they are legal to set off again from July 21 to July 27. These days, fireworks are allowed from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. During the Fourth of July and Pioneer Day (July 24) they are allowed from 11 a.m. to midnight.

Experts advise anyone using or around fireworks to keep both a fire extinguisher and a bucket of water handy and to always carefully read through the instructions on each firework.

Stand several feet away from lit fireworks, pointing them away from homes and any kind of brush. It is also recommended to not wear loose clothing while handling or around fireworks. When a firework does not go off, do not stand over it to check on it. Pour water over it and dispose of it safely.

If anyone around you is injured by fireworks, immediately go to a doctor or hospital. If an eye injury occurs, don’t allow the injured person to touch or rub it, as this may cause even more damage.

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