Fireworks Coming to Emery Town on July 24th


By Julie Johansen

Joining with most of the other towns and cities in Emery County, Emery Town has also scaled down its summer celebration. Scheduled for July 24, fireworks will be set off on that evening. However, the remainder of the traditional celebratory events been cancelled due to health department regulations. This year’s simplified celebration and more were discussed during the town’s July meeting.

To kick off the meeting, a public hearing was opened. The hearing was to receive comments about the general and enterprise budgets. Councilman Sam Payne commented that budgets are neutral. No public comments were made, prompting the hearing to be closed and the budgets to be adopted.

Mayor Amy Sundstrom then called for a vote on the appointment of Justin Childs as the town’s fire chief. The vote was in favor 3-1, so Childs will be appointed as the fire chief for Emery Town.

Next, consideration was given as to the spending of the Cares Act Funding that the town was granted. The mayor reported that the town will receive about $28,000 in three disbursements of $7,800. This can be used to replace the cost of cleaning, sanitizing and other supplies for the recreation center. Any surplus will be pooled together with the county for businesses that have been adversely affected by the pandemic.

Continuing with the mayor’s report, she voiced concern about the keys that are still out for the recreation center. Although the front door has been re-keyed, the side door has not. She suggested that a new system using digital cards be purchased so that usage of the center can be tracked.

Overdue utility bills were Sundstrom’s next item of business. The bills are attached to the property in the owner’s name, though some renters have moved and left outstanding bills. It was decided to contact the town’s attorney for recommendations as to collecting those debts.

Councilman Pat Sundstrom reported that he recently attended the Castle Valley Special Service District meeting. He stated that Emery’s secondary and culinary water use per capita is a little on the high side, but not near the amount of water allotted. He also made a plea with the town and citizens to water trees now that the canal and ditches are going to be piped. The councilman also stated that rates will increase for overages. The new rates will be $1.90 inside city limits and $2 for outside city limits with a public hearing regarding this matter scheduled for next month.

Councilman Payne then requested a maintenance equipment report from Terry Edwards, the town’s new maintenance employee, leading to a discussion on a new concession stand and restrooms at the park. Councilman Mike Christensen reported that most planning and zoning has been on hold but they are working on plans for the city shed.

“A new architect has been contacted for another opinion on the foundation of the old yellow church,” said Councilwoman Edwards.

Since fundraisers have not been held, members of the committee are asking for donations to try and proceed with the restoration of the church. She also stated that things are looking better at the roll-off dumpster site.

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