First Friday Re-Introduced with Cinco de Mayo Celebration *Photo Gallery*


For the first time since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Helper’s Main Street was packed with patrons as community members gathered to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and First Friday.

There was a plethora of fun and activities for all to enjoy at this event. Matsuda Acupuncture celebrated a grand re-opening and served the first 50 guests Japanese-style popcorn chicken. Meanwhile Beg, Borrow and Steel and 3 On a Tree also celebrated their grand opening as they welcomed visitors to their galleries.

The event featured artist-made coloring pages and wooden race cars for kids to paint. Patrons could also enjoy horchata and treats at Untitled Gallery Too, drink Mexican soda and decorate sombreros at Three Little Llamas, enter a costume contest at Canvas Alchemy, tour the Vintage Motor Company motorcycle museum and more.

The Helper City Fire Department also welcomed children to don firefighter hats, receive stickers and sit inside the fire trucks for some first-hand experience on the job. Keep an eye out for information pertaining to the next First Friday event, which is expected to take place on June 4.

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