First Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting of 2016


At the Planning and Zoning meeting that took place in the council office on Monday evening, a decision was made as to whom would be the chair and vice chair for the 2016 year. The suggestion was made by Nancy Bentley to have Robert Oliver moved to chair and was agreed on almost unanimously. Also suggested by Bentley was the idea to have Frankie Sacco moved to vice chair. Both suggestions were passed.

The rest of the meeting went by fairly quickly, with the commissioners taking time to go through the 2016 updates and giving time for a public hearing on each update. Nick Tatton pointed out that if any new ideas came up during the year they can be put on file and will be looked over again to possibly be used for the following year.

Tatton also then took time at the end of the meeting to thank the planning and zoning committee for all of their hard work in the 2015 year and advised them to ready themselves for a good and busy 2016 year.

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