Flash Flood In Orangeville and Green River Causes Damage


Due to heavy rain and recent thunderstorms in the Emery County boundaries on Friday, areas in Orangeville along Highway 57 and Green River areas are left in a muddy mess.

XTO Energy Company on 1095 North Coal Haul Road had workers cleaning up flood damage in the yard from the three previous floods when they noticed the flash flood happening. With this being the fourth flood for the Orangveille, the XTO office is left with a lot of damages that will require a costly amount to fix what damage has been done. With the flooding happening over and over again, this pushes them farther behind on getting what repairs they had done and what needs to be done now.

With sunshine and a few drops of rain in Green River area, a flood was least expected. Most floods take hours or days to build up enough water, but with this heavy thunder storm there was enough water to completely flood County Road #1007. With flash floods being able to wash cars off the road with water as little as two feet, they shut down the road to allow time for clean up and repairs. This road is not expected to be open until Monday according to the Emery County Road Department.

Although the rain can be beneficial, it can also be very dangerous. It is important to take caution while local areas experience such heavy rain storms.

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