Flash Flood Warning in Effect for Northwest Emery County After Heavy Rainfall Over Trail Mountain Burn Scar


ETV 10 News stock photo

The National Weather Service in Salt Lake City has issued a flash flood warning in northwest Emery County. This warning went into effect at 1:06 p.m. Sunday afternoon and will run until 4 p.m.

A Doppler radar indicated heavy rainfall over the Trail Mountain burn scar. The radar estimates that over 1/3 inch of rain has fallen in the past hour. Because of the significant amount of rain, it is expected that it will result in a flash flood over the burn scar area.

The National Weather Service indicated that flash flooding and debris flows are expected. This would impact Huntington Creek, the spring water supply infrastructure and the water intakes from the Huntington Power Plant.

Along with the warning sent out to the public, additional impacts expected from the debris flow can effect the Huntington/Cleveland Irrigation Company as the debris and ash could impact its system.

As a precaution, the National Weather Service stated that it is important to realize that the run-out area remains very dangerous. Therefore, additional debris flows could occur within minutes of the original flow. They are urging individuals to remain vigilant and be prepared to take swift action.

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