Flooding Danger Likely in Carbon and Emery Counties


Meads Wash.

With a recent increase of precipitation in the Carbon and Emery county areas, residents are urged to use caution near all waterways. Rivers, washes and even roadways have seen their share of flooding in the past several weeks. Huntington Canyon has been closed to traffic on numerous occasions and debris can be seen along roadways in both counties.

It is important to note that flooding can occur in a matter of minutes. “It might be bright and sunny here, but raining in the mountains,” advised Price Police Capt. Bill Barnes.

Recent flooding of Meads Wash in north Price lead to an all terrain vehicle being swept away. Large amounts of water roared down the Price River last month forcing the closure of a nearby walkway. Large debris caused by last year’s Seeley Fire has been swept downstream in Huntington Canyon. All these incidents posed a threat to public safety and serve as a reminder that flooding dangers are present in the local area.

Residents are reminded to use extreme caution while enjoying the outdoors. Utah weather can change in an instant and a seemingly fair weather day can quickly turn deadly.

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