Flooding Reveals Local Heroes


With several areas flooded after heavy storms Wednesday and Thursday, the Carbon County public had several options. Some may have searched for higher ground, went to find a bucket or began looking for two of every animal. For select community members, however, they decided to serve.

The day found numerous volunteers taking part in efforts and helping where they could; such as filling sandbags. Students from Pinnacle Canyon Academy, Lighthouse High School and Carbon High School as well as USU Eastern’s SUN Center and the university’s baseball team were among those that reached out to help amidst rain and clouds, according to Price City Public Works Director Miles Nelson.

If interested community members are anxious to help and serve, they may check with Price City at the public works domes (across from Creekview Elementary) or the county roads department (on Airport Road) to see if help is still needed.

If you need emergency assistance with problems due to the flooding, please call the county-wide emergency help line at 472-HELP (472-4357).

Also, the Price City Public Works Department will have a supply of sandbags left in the south side parking lot for use after hours that the public may pick up and use as circumstance dictates.

Pictures were submitted by community members and members of USU Eastern’s SUN Center.

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