Fly Canyon Fire Update

Press Release

Fire Summary:  The Fly Canyon Fire was reported on Thursday but was likely started days earlier by lightning. The size is estimated to be approximately 1,500acres. This fire is currently crowning, torching and spotting in heavy dead and downed fuels. Yesterday, the smoke was very visible to the public in the region and communities surrounding the fire. The hot and dry weather yesterday with some windy conditions led to large fire growth. Most of the growth was downslope toward the east and towards Lowry Water but the fire did not make it to Lowry Water. Potters Ponds Campground along with the Lowry Water Road (FR 038), Millers Flat Road (FR 014) from Sheep Valley to the junction with Lowry Water Road, and the Potters Canyon Road (FR 271) were closed last night. There is a power line near Potters Ponds that is the vicinity of the fire. Point protection for the campground and the cabins in Upper Joe’s Valley are the main firefighter action in the area today.  

 As the weather warms into the afternoon, smoke will be visible to the surrounding communities in the region. 

Discussion: This fire is being managed for multiple resource benefits based on local fire plans that have been developed with public input over a period of years. For decades, the Forest Service and other land management agencies suppressed most fires. Unfortunately, this resulted in decades of dead and downed brush and tree litter. This fuel acts as ladder fuels that can create even more devastating wildfires. Science has changed the way we respond to fires. When we have the right fire, in the right place, at the right time, we can allow fire to play its natural role in the ecosystem. Benefits of managed wildfire include reducing hazardous fuels, protecting human communities from extreme fires, and minimizing the spread of pests, insects and disease. They also open up the forest floor to enhance wildlife travel paths and provide additional forage for game.

We also recognize the role that fire plays as a management tool. The goal of managing fires for resources benefits is to allow fire to resume its natural role in the ecosystem. Ultimately, this results in greater safety for both the public and firefighters as well as a healthier forests for everyone to enjoy. 

 Jurisdiction: Ferron/ Price Ranger District, Manti-La Sal National Forest.

 Fuel Type: Aspen and Mixed Conifer

Structures and Closures: Potters Ponds Campground, Millers Flat Road (FR 014) from Sheep Valley to the junction with Lowry Water Road (FR038), Water Lowry Road (FR 038) and the Potters Canyon Road (FR 271) are closed.  There is a power line near Potters Ponds that is approximately three miles away. 

Percent Contained: 0%-Managed Fire

Fire Crews/Resources: Local firefighters are on scene monitoring the fire; A Central Utah Interagency Fire Team will take over management of the fire tomorrow. 

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