Focused on Mental Growth


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

Although the Pirates will be small in numbers when they return to the course, they will be full of experience. Abby Erwin (Sr.), Jarett Gardner (Jr.) and Garrett Andres (So.) are all coming back for another year of golf.

However, one disadvantage of having a small team is each member will need to qualify for state individually. That is because Green River will not have enough golfers to qualify as a team, which makes life “tough,” according to head coach Kole Hunt.

With that being said, the crew is excited to get back on the course. “All three of the them showed improvement in the past season,” Hunt said. “So, I’m looking forward to more improvement and steady pace this season.”

One specific area of improvement Hunt would like to see is in the mental approach and aspect of the game. “As a team, they could all keep their head in the game, focus a little more, because that’s all that golf is about. It’s 90% mindset,” stated Hunt.

Golf, perhaps more than any other sport, is all about mentally overcoming poor shots and staying in the game. This is true for all golfers, young and old, and can take a lifetime to master. While their mental fortitude will be tested, the Pirates will have one another’s backs and support each other.

“They have a great attitude,” concluded Hunt.

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