Food for Thought: It Takes A Village


By Patti Rigby Carbon, School District Child Nutrition Director

That old phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” comes to mind as we consider the work multiple agencies have done this summer to purchase and compile backpacks full of food and healthy snacks. We will distribute these to families that could use a little help when school is not in session to provide breakfast and lunch.

Each year, there is a week without school meal services between school ending and summer lunch beginning and then another two week break between the end of summer lunch and start of the new school year. With help, we are providing the packs to help fill that gap. This sea of backpacks will be distributed to qualifying families Aug. 3-5 at summer lunch sites. This project was made possible through the efforts and generosity of our Workforce Services Youth Program and our Southeastern Utah Health Department. We appreciate them!

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