Food for Thought: Legumes for Schools in Carbon School District


By Patti Rigby, Child Nutrition Director at Carbon School District

Did you know legumes are an important part of a balanced diet? Our school lunch program strives to provide students with plenty of opportunities to get them in weekly in tasty side offerings. This protein powerhouse is naturally low in fat and sodium with no saturated fats or cholesterol. So, we make sure at least ½ cup serving finds its way onto student trays weekly!

This vegetable subgroup is presented in a variety of ways. You may see them appear as re-fried beans on taco day or perhaps accompanying a hamburger or hotdog as delicious baked beans or even as the main attraction in nachos grande, another student favorite! The meal patterns require schools to offer foods from the legumes vegetable subgroup each week. As you can see, our students enjoy trying delicious new sources of good nutrition!

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