Food for Thought: Marinara


By Patti Rigby Carbon School District Child Nutrition Director

Year round, our marinara sauce is one of the most popular menu items, especially when paired with our pasta entrees. We have expanded our menus to include more choices using the tasty red sauce.

Our marinara starts with nutrient-rich tomato puree and incorporates diced tomatoes for a heartier texture. This also helps us meet the red/orange veggie USDA requirement for summer lunch and during the school year.

Tomatoes are especially valuable because of the lycopene content. Lycopene is an important antioxidant that helps conquer cancer cell formation and fight free radicals. No other fruit or vegetable has as high of concentration as the tomato to help fight heart disease and high cholesterol.

Come check out our new items throughout the year as we add healthful student favorites to our already popular menu!

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