Food for Thought: Ovens at Carbon Schools


By Patti Rigby Carbon School District Child Nutrition Director

With new guidelines and regulations, the federal government provides great opportunities to help school districts buy new equipment.

Our nutrition program works hard to qualify for those funds. We wrote and received a grant for $86,000 to purchase our four combi ovens that were sent to Bruin Point Elementary, Wellington Elementary, Helper Middle and Light House High schools. The other schools already had the combi ovens. A combi oven is a combination convection oven and steamer.

Rolls can be raised and baked to a golden brown without being moved. Broccoli can be steamed so it can remain nutrient rich. Combi ovens are great to keep the moisture in the food, which is especially helpful when serving times sometimes approach 50 minutes.

Pictured we have our three types of ovens: the good, the better and the best.

As new technology comes out, we try to keep up to give Carbon students the best nutrition with the best equipment.


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