Food for Thought: Passion Fruit


By Patti Rigby, Carbon School District Nutritional Director

The newest fruit kids experienced at Bruin Point and Wellington Elementaries was the intriguing passion fruit. Its hard purple exterior was similar to an avocado but very smooth.

They were cut in half so students could scoop out the juicy fruit inside. Students described it as interesting, sweet, tart, slimy and seedy. Overall the reviews were good with students saying they would try it again if possible. This is probably the healthiest fruit we have ever offered with its rich source of minerals like copper, magnesium and phosphorus. These minerals are important to healthy bones!

Such a small fruit packs a huge health benefit with support for bone repair and being great source of potassium. It offers 98% of the daily fiber requirement and more than 100% of our vitamin C needs! We will be sure to offer them again.

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