Food for Thought: Strawberry


By Patti Rigby, Carbon School District Nutritional Director

Our students know what they like and fresh strawberries are the most requested fruit we serve. They are a delicious seasonal treat with vast health benefits. The polyphenolic and antioxidant content mean they are good for improving the immune system. The Vitamin C also present in strawberries boost our body’s natural ability to fight off cold and flu. Strawberries are rich in iodine and helpful in regulating proper function of the nervous system and brain.

Strawberries are “in season” in various areas of the US in spring, summer and fall. An average of three billion pounds per year are grown in the U.S. When not in season, though, we try to offer strawberries that were frozen right at the peak of freshness for a special treat that can last through the winter months.

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