Food Made Delicious, Nutritious and Simply Simple with Castleview Hospital


Castleview Hospital hosted a free, healthy cooking class on Tuesday evening. The class featured Castleview employees including dietitian Eva Tseng, diabetes educator JoAnn Stout and chef Juanita Christiansen. The trio shared meal recipes, shopping and cooking tips and diabetes maintenance with those in attendance.

Chef Christiansen heads operations in the Castleview Hospital kitchen. Previously a chef in Virginia, Maryland and the Salt Lake City airport, Christiansen gained a wide variety of experience before settling in Carbon County to do work that is “more meaningful.” Now, she works at Castleview Hospital preparing meals that are nutritious, simple and flavorful.

Christiansen prepared a variety of meals at the class, including stuffed chicken breasts, quinoa stuffed zucchini and fruit crisp. The chef also taught the audience the proper was to handle a knife, gave tips on how to add more flavor to meals and displayed various cooking techniques.

Also at the event, Tseng provided grocery shopping techniques and shared some of her favorite kitchen gadgets. Stout cleared some of the confusion that surrounds diabetes and sugar substitutes.

The event was free to the public and Tseng explained that the hospital hopes to host more cooking events in the future.

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