Forest Service Continues to Monitor Cottonwood Fire


Press Release

Lightning ignited a fire July 22 and was reported July 24 in Dairy Canyon, a tributary of Cottonwood Canyon, northwest of Orangeville. The fire has grown to about 81 acres and is burning in steep terrain among dead spruce and deadfall timber.

Forest Service fire crews have assessed the fire and decided to manage it to reduce fuels, reduce risk of severe fire and allow new aspen growth. The fire has been assigned to a Type 4 Incident Command and will be monitored daily. Crews and equipment will be assigned to the fire as needed.

The objective of fire management is to burn dense vegetation and accumulated fuels such as dead timber and forest litter. The fire is expected to benefit such resources as wildlife habitat, grazing areas and watersheds. Managed fire can also create a fuel break to assist in the containment of future fires.

Smoke and flames are most likely to be seen during the late afternoon. Smoke may impact surrounding areas, including Orangeville and Castledale, in the evening hours. At this time, the fire does not threaten any structures, although people traveling in the area should be alert and cautious. Area, road and trail closures are not currently in place, but may become necessary if the fire progresses.

Visitors are reminded to always properly extinguish your campfires. Further information is available on the web at or by contacting the Price Ferron Ranger District at (435) 384-2372.

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