Forest Service Warns of Flood and Mud Danger on Manti-La Sal Forest


An extremely wet spring, coupled with cool spring temperatures has prompted the Manti-La Sal National Forest to issue a caution to those visiting the Forest during the next few weeks. Roads can be saturated with mud, or blocked with snow drifts. Do not attempt to travel on them. In some cases roads are gated, but in others snow is still below the gate.

Mud slides and rolling rocks are common on the Forest this time of year, and may be even more prevalent this spring due to extremely wet soils. Creeks and streams are running high and become higher and faster during mid-day when temperatures rise. Avoid camping along streams, rivers, washes and steep drainages. Visitors should use extreme caution when recreating around fast moving streams or rivers. Watch children and pets at all times, and avoid crossing streams and rivers.

In some areas streams are already at 1983 levels, according to Jeff Gardner, ranger on the Sanpete District. “If it warms suddenly and a lot more water comes down, there are isolated areas on the north end of the Forest that may need to be closed.” Some roads are currently closed and will be opened when conditions permit. They are: Rock Canyon, Horn Mountain, Millers Flat and Maple Canyon.

Remember to carry extra blankets, food, water and clothing when traveling in the outdoors this time of year. Be sure to let someone know where you are going and be prepared for the unexpected. Be aware of your surroundings and sudden changes that can occur as snow melts during the day. Please contact your local Forest Service Office for current conditions.

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