Former Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova Pleads Guilty to Misuse of Public Funds


Former Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova appeared in Seventh District Court on Friday morning regarding misuse of public funds.

At the hearing, Cordova entered a plea in abeyance regarding misuse of public money, a third degree felony, and display plate/registration on an incorrect vehicle, a class C misdemeanor. With the plea, Cordova pleaded guilty to misuse of public money with second charge being dismissed.

Per the terms of the plea in abeyance, Cordova agreed to pay $2,166.35 in restitution, which will go to Carbon County, within 60 days. Additionally, the former sheriff will have to complete 80 hours of community service within the next year. If Cordova fails to perform these tasks, he will be convicted in the case. If he completes the terms in the plea in abeyance in the next 36 months, the case will be dismissed.

At the hearing, Cordova admitted to using a county credit card to fuel a county-issued vehicle that he used to move personal belongings to his new home in St. George.

“I regret deeply that this is how I will be remembered,” Cordova said at the hearing. “I take full responsibility for my poor judgement.”

The former sheriff apologized to the citizens of Carbon County and thanked them for allowing him to serve as sheriff for many years. Cordova went on to explain that he wishes to put the case behind him and would not be available for further comment.

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