Former Emery County Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested on Multiple Charges


Officials from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched Friday evening to a home in Emery County after a vehicle allegedly ran into the house and then left the scene.

According to information from the sheriff’s department, after arriving at the scene, one of the officials was able to locate a vehicle, which had crashed into a tree at approximately 200 West 100 North in Orangeville.

Upon arriving on the scene, officials found former Emery County Sheriff’s Deputy Clayton Bell and began talking to him. Noticing several physical indicators such as dilated eyes and a lack of balance, one of the officials requested for assistance from medical staff.

As they were trying to assist Bell into an ambulance, Bell reportedly punched one of the responding officers in the face and resisted arrest. Officials were able to contain Bell and he was detained in the Emery County Jail that night after allegedly trying again to resist arrest.

Returning to the scene, the responding officer was able to retrieve a rifle from Bell’s vehicle as well as check for an interlock device, which it did not have.

Bell was charged with an assault on a peace officer, a class A misdemeanor, failure to stay in lane of travel, possession of weapon by a felon, a second-degree felony, failure to install an interlock device, a DUI as well as driving on a revoked license and having an open container in the vehicle, both class C misdemeanors.

Bail was set at $10,000.

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