Former Resident and Children’s Author Offers Free Resource to Assist Children During Pandemic


Amanda Morris, former resident of Carbon County, was recently highlighted as she had published “Mindful Millie,” a children’s book, in July.

Morris has now created a free resource for children to assist them in coping with the negative affects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This book is available for purchase if a physical copy is desired. However, there is also a copy in a free PDF format to ensure that all have access to it.

Morris, who is a licensed psychotherapist and mother, wrote the book as the pandemic leaves some young children confused and possibly frightened.

“Mindful Millie,” according to Morris, may work to assist children in protecting their emotional and physical health. The book is stated to be beautifully illustrated in fun and engaging scenes as well. These combinations make the book a great read for even the youngest of readers.

“Mindful Millie” was written for children between the ages of three of 12. The free PDF may be downloaded by clicking here and a hard copy may be purchased by visiting Amazon’s website.

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