Foul Language Discussed in Panel Meeting


An LDS fireside to address the language in the halls of Emery High School was held on Sunday evening at the Castle Dale Stake Center. The meeting was hosted and organized by Castle Dale Stake President Allan Sharp, but youth and leadership from the Ferron, Castle Dale, and Huntington Stakes all attended.

The main portion of the night was dedicated to questions and answers from a youth panel. Devin Esplin, one of the seminary teachers at Emery High School, moderated the panel. The youth discussed why it was important to have clean language and clean conversation. They also discussed ways to improve language and to help others improve their conversations. The youth encouraged each other to not only stop swearing, but to also talk positively about others.

The discussion was spurred by the concept of a no cussing club. McKay Hatch, a then 14-year-old student at a junior high in South Pasadena, Calif. formed a no cussing club in 1997 at his school. The club has now spread internationally. More information on the club can be found at Students in other areas have also formed no swearing zones, where they ask fellow students to refrain from swearing in certain predetermined zones.

The actual club was not mentioned at the fireside on Sunday, but the fireside had a similar purpose to the club, which was to improve the level of language and the way students speak to one another. Sharp in his closing remarks challenged the youth to apply the principles they had learned and make Emery High School a better place.

Emery High School cannot sanction outside clubs that are not academically focused.


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