Four Corners Approaches Emery County Commission


By Julie Johansen

The Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday began with a public hearing to receive public comment regarding mental health and substance use disorder treatment needs in Emery County. Melissa Huntington, Executive Director for Four Corners Community Behavioral Health, addressed the commission to discuss the organization’s services and plans for the future.

Four Corners currently provides outpatient services for mental health and substance use disorder treatment, as well as crisis services, 24 hours per day. In addition, they help individuals get into more intensive settings if necessary, provide housing for clients and much more.

Huntington said that she feels that things are going very well and there were no complaints from the Emery County office. Some clients from Four Corners then gave their testimony about the treatment and assistance they have received from Four Corners.

Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen then commented about the changes happening in the treatments of these cases and his appreciation for the work they do.  He stated that mental health work is very complex and requires immediate response.

Emery County Sheriff Tyson Huntington added that Four Corners is making a difference in law enforcement. There were no other public comments, so the hearing was then closed.

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