Four Corners Community Behavioral Health Bringing Crisis Receiving Center to Price


During the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) May luncheon, Four Corners Community Behavioral Health (FCCBH) was invited to speak about their Receiving Center as the community spotlight.

Cacilia Jensen, Crisis Receiving Center Director, spoke on this topic. She said the center is coming to the community and is in the development stage. This will be a 24-hour facility for adults aged 18 and older that are experiencing a psychiatric crisis. They will be able to visit the center for up to 23 hours and stabilize.

Anyone that is experiencing suicidal ideation, crisis due to substance abuse and the like are able to utilize the center, where they will then be connected to resources and be stabilized. There is certain criteria that individuals will need to meet to use the center, though Jensen said it is pretty open.

Individuals cannot be violent or aggressive, as they will have a bare bones staff. Individuals will have to answer basic questions and be able to manage their own daily living activities. Center employees will be able to screen patrons and ensure that they are appropriate.

Jensen stated that there will be five crisis beds for maximum capacity, though they are also developing a social detox component. Those that need support through detox of alcohol, stimulants, etc., will be able to use one of two detox beds and there will be specialists available to assist.

Those that are using the detox beds can stay longer than the 23 hours, as that process tends to be longer. Following, they will be invited to work with staff to connect them with services. Jensen said that this is a much-needed resource in the community and the anticipated open date will be toward the end of June, which will feature a community open house.

The environment of the center will be very home-like, as they are trying to get away from the clinical feel. The Receiving Center will be located at 575 East 100 South.

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