Four Corners Community Behavioral Health Gives Presentation at Carbon County Commission Meeting


Karen Dolan is the Executive Director of Four Corners Community Behavioral Health. This title no doubt comes with a busy schedule. However, Dolan took time on Wednesday evening to attend the Carbon County Commission meeting and give a short presentation on all that is Four Corners.

Four Corners covers the tri-county area of Carbon, Emery and Grand counties. Statistics show that 24 people pass away each month in Utah due to an opioid overdose. Overdose deaths have outpaced motor vehicle accidents as well as most other accidental deaths. Furthermore, Southeastern Utah has a significantly higher rate compared to the rest of the state.

Four Corners works hard to prevent these things from happening in many ways through programs that are done through the organization. State law requires that a public hearing is hosted each year to hear from the community in order to obtain information on what could be added or changed within Four Corners.

Dolan informed the crowd and commissioners that there are ten mandated services by law that Four Corners provides. The organization employs 104 people in the tri-county area and brings in professionals out of the area. A few members of Four Corners spoke at the meeting to share their experience. All that spoke, spoke highly of the organization. Wellington City Mayor Joan Powell stated that she would help the business in any way possible and Mayor Ed Chavez of Helper City sang praises to Four Corners as well. The annual contract was accepted and signed by the commissioners.

Also announced at the commission meeting was the retirement of Southeastern Utah Health Department Health Officer Dave Cunningham. Cunningham has worked at the health department for 24 years and has carried the title of Health Officer for 23 of those years. Cunningham will be retiring in March of this year.

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