Four Corners Mental Health Discusses Emery County Treatment Center with Commissioners


The Emery County Commission meeting held on Tuesday opened with a public hearing to receive input regarding mental health and substance use disorder treatment in Emery County. Four Corners Mental Health employees presented views on the importance of prevention and rehabilitation in these areas.

Representatives from Four Corners stated their desire to prevent crisis situations with their private non-profit organization. Four Corners covers a three-county area, including Carbon, Grand and Emery counties, employing approximately 98 people. Representatives presented the cost effectiveness of their prevention and rehabilitation treatment programs.

Darin Palmer and Ryan Hatch from Utah Local Government Trust next discussed property, liability and workman’s compensation insurance benefits to the county through their company.

Discussion proceeded on the trail at the end of the Des Bee Dove Road. The commission and attorney have looked into the liability and felt that they had immunity from being liable as long as negligence in maintenance was not allowed. This trail would be designated as a #5 and would be subjected to the weather. In order for the OHV Club to apply for grants, they need to obtain a right-of-way across Pacificorp land. Further discussion is needed on the topic before a decision can be made.

The commission then discussed the agreement between Dr. Montgomery, Lowell Morris and the county to perform risk management needs, screening diagnosis and assessment at the jail. This will be done on a six-month trail basis. They ratified the grant application to finance the diagnosis and assessment.

The commission also approved the USDA contract for eradication of Russian Olives in Emery County along the San Rafael River drainage. 

Approval was then given for a memorandum of understanding between Emery County and Utah Office of Tourism to bring Roger Brooks here starting May 2 for a few days to participate in the Utah Cafeteria Marketing Program.

The commission accepted the Bureau of Land Management’s invitation to become a cooperating agency for the master oil and gas exploration and development plan in the San Rafael Desert area. Approval was given for an additional $300 charge for final tax sales to help with the cost of administrating these delinquent tax sales. 

The commission also approved an operating plan between the Forest Service and the sheriff’s office to patrol the forest areas, mainly in Joes Valley and Huntington Canyon. This results in about $5000 expenses annually but excludes emergencies or disasters.

Randy Johnson then made a legislative update discussion on bills by Senator Kay McIff; one on water rights and another on beekeeping that he is watching closely regarding the impact for Emery County and its citizens. A couple of other bills being processed include Goblin Valley State Park and a state park bill.

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