Four Corners Presents Annual Plan to Emery County Commission


Emery County Commissioners Jeff Horrocks and J.R. Nelson reviewed various proposals Tuesday at the Emery County Courthouse.

Commissioners reviewed a proposal that would relocate two, vacant, broken-down mobile homes to the dump. The move would cost the County around $500.

“The county would be looked upon as a clearing house for all old, broken-down trailers if we pay to move these two,” Commissioner Horrocks said. The Commission approved a resolution to write off the taxes on the properties so the owner could remove them from the park.

In other business, Four Corners representative Rick Donum presented the “Annual Area Plan” which will present seven specific improvements in the coming year.

One improvement would create a better relationship with the Emery County Sheriff’s Department. The plan would help with mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention.

The plan was approved and will go into effect on Friday.

Citizen concerns revolved around the flooding areas in Castle Dale. Citizens showed the flooded areas with pictures and presented their concerns about the flooded land. Nelson said, “High water levels are over and the levels should be subsiding.”

Commissioners agreed to follow up on the situation.

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