Frank and Olie Charm Culture Connection Crowd


Frank and Olie took the floor at this week’s Culture Connection. TheВ entertaining duo have been performing every season for cultureВ connection for many years.

“I’ve been here every Thursday night for the past seven years,” said Price CityВ Council member Kathy Hanna-Smith. “I’m definitely more than a normalВ spectator. В I go and talk to all ofВ the people almost every night. В You just know that they love this event.”

I’ve just talked to a lady tonight from Huntington, who has driven byВ several evenings on Thursdays and thought, ‘I’m going to stop by thereВ one night’, she came tonight. I think she’s going to enjoy herself,” she said.

“This is a time where people can just shut down and come to the parkВ and relax. We have provided the entertainment for their relaxation.”В “Frank and Olie come every single year. They’re a crowd pleaser, peopleВ want them back every year. В  They of course do rock and roll from theВ fifties to the sixties. We’re glad to have them back. We adjust ourВ schedule just to have them here.”

There are only two more events in the season. Ann Allen next week, whoВ writes a lot of her own music. Culture Connection willВ close the season with the Los Hermanos band, De Los Andes, on the 30th.


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