Friends of the Price City Library Successful in Assisting in Ramp Installation


Friends of the Library is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting libraries in any way possible.

The Friends of the Price City Library is a local branch and its role is to assist the library with funding for items or events, such as paying for Santa Claus’ to visit during Christmastime, candy for parties, furniture and more.

The projects that the organization usually conduct are small. However, the members are currently tackling a large project with funding of $10,000. This project is installing a ramp that leads to the basement of the library in order to accommodate all that wish to visit and are unable to use the stairs.

Bob Tanner, the chair of the local branch of the organization, stated that while this project is one that is normally not handled by the Friends of the Price City Library, the organization deeply wished for access for the children. Also a part of the organization is vice president Sky Jensen, secretary Joe Varner and officer Jack Clark.

On Wednesday afternoon, most of the members of the Friends of the Price City Library visited the library to present a check with the aforementioned $10,000 to Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos.

Mayor Kourianos graciously accepted the donation from the nonprofit organization and thanked the members for such a generous gift, believing that the funds will greatly help the expansion of resources to serve the public.

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