Friendship Riders Gather for Bike Blessing and Ride


For eight years, the Friendship Riders have celebrated riding together by gathering in the spring and blessing their motorcycles. This year’s ride happened Saturday, rescheduled because of weather.

The riders met at Sutherlands and enjoyed free drinks from Coca-Cola and $.25 hotdogs. At 11:30 a.m., their engines roared to life, signaling the time for their departure. Led by Craig Larsen and his wife as well as Robert Warren, they embarked two-by-two on a 173-mile ride across Castle Country. Larsen organizes the event every year.

“The reason for the event is to bless our bikes and ask for a safe riding season, to celebrate our community, friendship and the start of the spring riding season,” said Larsen. “This new ride is full of awesome scenery and overlooks.”

This event was hosted by Sutherlands, New Heights and Coca-Cola. For more information, visit

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