UPDATE: Frigid Temps Cause Extensive Damage in Emery County Schools


Conditions have been a bit leaky this past week due to below freezingВ temperaturesВ causing pipes to burst in Emery County Schools.

On Monday afternoon, January 7, Junior Jazz participants practicing in the Ferron Elementary gym noticed water on the walkway of the gymnasium floor, which uncovered an even bigger problem when broken pipes were discovered.

“Since Junior Jazz reported the issue, we had it taken care of rather quickly,” said Ferron Elementary Principle Brian Dawes, explaining most of the water came from broken water lines in the fire system.

Unfortunately the trouble didn’t end there; more water was discovered by the school secretary on Friday morning.

“We discovered more broken pipes which were a part of our culinary system, forcing us to notify parents that there would be no toilet facilities available in the school until around 10a.m. that morning,” Dawes said.

The damage is believed to stem from during the Christmas break when the schools’ boiler went out, and although it was fixed immediatley after school was back in session at the beginning of the month, Dawes believes the cold temperatures caused the pipes to freeze.

Dawes explained that most damage has been to the fire system sprinkler heads, which are easily replaced, but there has been noticeable damage to the gym floor, and a cost for replacement or repair has not yet been determined.

On Sunday trouble continued when more broken water lines were discovered throughout Castle Dale Elementary.

“We have just been continuing our school day as normal,” Principal Ralph Worthen told ETV 10 news on Monday. “We had maintenance crews,В administration, and a few people from the High School working to fix pipes and dry out classrooms until 8 o’clock last night (Sunday), maybe later.”

Some classrooms were closed off and students were consolidated into other classrooms to continue the school day. Principal Worthen also did not have an estimated cost in damages.

Monday afternoon more damageВ occurredВ when the water main outside the southwest corner of the Emery High Spartans Center burst. Water was shut off to the Spartan Center Monday night while Emery SchoolВ DistrictВ Maintenance determined theВ exactВ location of the break. When the location had been pinpointed Nielson Construction was called in to replace the pipe. Nielson began work Tuesday morning, and luckily had the break replaced and water restored to the Spartans Center before the end of theВ sophomore basketballВ game against Parowan Tuesday evening.

“Extreme cold weather over an extended period of time has put too much stress on some of our aging water systems,” said Emery High Principal Larry Davis.

View photos of damage inside Castle Dale Elementary below.

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