Full Gallery as Price City Welcomes New Officers


The Price City Council meeting on Feb. 12 had a full gallery as three new police officers took an oath to serve and protect the city.

Michael Jones, Arthur Parry and Kevin Saccomano were called to the podium to be sworn in by Judge Jon Carpenter, pledging their service to Price City. The room was filled with applause as these men stood before them. Price City Police Chief Brandon Sicilia stood to say a few words, congratulating the men.

Next on the agenda were two requests for sponsorship. The Carbon High Rodeo Club along with the Cal Ripkin/Babe Ruth Regional Tournaments requested funds. These events bring many people to the area to stay for a number of days. Both requests were granted by the council. Council member Rick Davis expressed his appreciation and everyone agreed that they would love to see the world series be played in the local area.

The last two agenda items brought to attention coincided. The first was a public hearing for input on the 2020-2021 Price City Capital Improvement Plan. A spreadsheet was distributed to the council while Russell Seeley, the city’s engineer, briefly explained the numbers.

Seeley said it is a “road map for the future, being mindful of tax dollars and how they’re spent.” The council thanked him for his hard work as well as the work of all those who had assisted with the project. This agenda item led to the last item: the annual resolution for establishing the multi-year Price City Capital Improvement Plan, which was approved. It included establishment of the annual storm water utility rates and review of ZAP tax revenues. Mayor Mike Kourianos then closed the meeting after approving Resolution No. 2020-01.

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