Full-Line Moving Location Opportunity Arises for U-Haul With Former K-Mart Building Purchase


Passing through town, it is hard for one not to notice that the former K-Mart building is now being restructured into a U-Haul location.

U-Haul products have been offered in Carbon County for over 40 years. However, Brad Ling, Marketing Company President for U-Haul Company of Utah, stated that he believes that the market is growing and that there was an opportunity for a full-line moving location.

This full-line location will offer all products and services, which includes but is not limited to storage, a hitch and hitch accessory business, moving trucks and shipping containers (U-Box) that can ship to anywhere in the world.

Ling stated that the only way to really get the full-line location operational was with a large facility. From there, contact was made with the owners of the former K-Mart location, who stated that they had no real interest in more retail operations in the building due to its large size. Ling stated that it appeared to be a good opportunity for U-Haul, who purchased the building.

The plan is to fill said building with climate-controlled, individually alarmed heated and cooled storage. Ling believes that it is going to be a nice area for storage opportunities with cameras and security. He emphasized that it is different than the typical storage facility found because, when inside, they are drier and cleaner, dust free, and typically have no rodent invasions.

“This has been a perfect opportunity for us,” Ling said.

The company plans to invest money, re-do the facility, improve its image and become an anchor to the community. Josh Patterson has been named the general manager and has already began the process of hiring others to assist at the facility.

While the construction for the inside storage units is not anticipated to begin until June or July, Ling assured that U-Haul is open for most of the products. Those that have needs for truck, trailer and box rentals, or have the need to use a storage locker, may already take advantage.

To contact U-Haul about rental opportunities, answers to more questions and the like, visit the location at 610 West Price River Drive or call (435) 637-7879.

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