Full Nelson ‘Strikes’ Again


Last Tuesday, league bowling continued at Gateway Lanes in Helper. The team Full Nelson had another incredible night on the lanes. Dylan Olsen bowled a 604 series, Anthony Manzanares bowled a 617 series, Ricky Sandoval bowled a 641 series, Tyler Nelson bowled a 636 series and Aric Nelson bowled a 697 series. The team’s total was a 3195 scratch. With their 60 pin handicap, they bowled a 3255 series.

“That is really some impressive bowling,” stated Melody Marrelli. “Congrats Full Nelson!”

There have also been a number of bowlers who have had at least a 700 series. Those include Aric Nelson (747 scratch series), Tony Cook (741 scratch series), Dante Fillingim (741 scratch series), Ed Howa (737 scratch series) and Ricky Sandoval (703 scratch series).
Marrelli continued, “Those are really terrific series’ and we commend each and every one of these men.”
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